Do you know to grease the Base correctly?

By | January 31, 2019




Base base is an important step in your use of the Base. Bringing the overall face to a single color. Here you should use a color matching color and type of foundation. Various foundations can be obtained as liquid / cream foundation, pitch foundation, powder and cake foundation.Use a face wash before using the base. Apply a moisturizer and apply this makeup primer. Cover the pierced spots from the concealer (conciercer). Then apply the cream on the face.


Brush with a liquid sponge so that it can be applied with a liquid soiling, so that it will be greased and applied on the face of the face. The most correct way to apply the powder coating is to apply a Powder Puff. But do not anoint with a drop. Wipe up the size of a breeze over the face.

Then this base should be sealed. It can be sprayed onto a set spray or put in a spray bottle of water. Then put a tissue in the wet. This can keep the base long for a long time. In this way you will be able to keep your makeup comfortable if it is put in a base.

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