Drugs and Male Fertility

By | May 31, 2018

It is not wrong to say that pronouncing the title of the story today is the one named Ibuprofen, whose name is difficult to pronounce, Ibuprofan. His name’s a little hard to find, so hard to find. This little pancreas, which can be bought without any evidence of the doctor’s medicine in any village in any village, is used to relieve the “grief” of those who suffer from pain. Allergic reactions are often associated with severe headaches, fever, joint pain, pain, as well as professional non-daily sports and exercise. This is why he is very popular among Western medicines.

You can use Ibuprofan in the form of tablets, capsules, gourds, gels, or sprays. His name may be Ibuprofan in different countries. There are more than 138 names if there’s another way. As far as I’m concerned, most commonly found in Sri Lanka is under the brand name Brufen. (More than seven and a half years ago, now there are more varieties) .If there is a name for myself, the medicinal function is at the same level.

One of the major side effects of this medicine is stomach ache. It can increase injuries to the stomach injuries from simple utter stomach pain. In addition, the stomach can develop heartburn, and it may cause a ligament. It is not unusual for many of us to use Ibuprofen to make these troubles much easier to ameliorate the pain. But . It is important that someone in these conditions should take prior medical advice before using this medicine, if you suffer from stomach or gastric alzheimeresis, if you have had allergic reactions to painkillers (previously, pain in the lungs, breathing problems If you have a heart attack or a liver disease. It’s possible that this group of people would want to take this medication as a “risky game with someone else”. So listen to “buy before”. Also, if you are pregnant, do not take Ibuprofan “hurry up”. If your doctor gives you the right dose, if you give it to your child’s age, it will be decided by your doctor (although the nursing mother agrees with this story).

This is what we’re talking about about the famous “Ibuprofen,” a worldwide “painkiller,” about a “barren” story on the subject. A group of researchers who worked on this drug, a few days ago, aroused a glimpse of the glutathione, Ibuprofen The “manipulation” of the medicine used in high doses and time, meaning that congenital age and health Sex with a woman, a child has the ability to aḍuviyahæki that.

The effect of this drug on the brain and, thereby, on the male reproductive system can weaken the function of “male hormones”, weaken the spice production and its composition, break down the desire for sexual intercourse, and a number of other “males” Researchers say that this can be done.

They also say that these conditions can also be expected to increase the status of “low fatness” in the western countries. However, taking a slice of two sores into his hand, this risk can not be “not possible”, and those who take long, gastrointestinal and hyperactivity can be “culpable”. However, in the western medical field, the institute continues to do research on this matter. Therefore, the Ibuprofen tablet is not a “barrier slot”, no really “sterile patch” is in this world.

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