What color bananas do you eat?

By | July 24, 2018




Like fruits, everyone delights in bananas. The banana contains as many minerals, vitamins and nutritional value as the following.Let’s look at the nutritional qualities of its content according to the color of the whites:Green bananas have a low “glycemic” value, and the green banana helps control the blood sugar levels. And the green banana diet will fill the cusps for longer.Yellow bananas are easy to digest and also increase antioxidant properties that help eliminate many diseases.Brown dots contain a large amount of anti-oxidative force, a potential for suppressing cancers and the destruction of unusual cells in the body.Brown bananas contain a large amount of sugar and rich in “tryptophan”. As a result, stress and anxiety can be avoided and muscle and muscle strengthened.A few health benefits for bananas:Control blood sugar level
For the acidity of the stomach, chest pains
Healing of “macular degeneration” in the eye
Healing muscle tone
Strengthening bones
Healing the second gut of diabetes
Controlling blood pressure and avoiding the risk of stroke and heart attacks
Helping food digestion
Helping to develop beneficial bacteria
Healing of constipation
Healing of anemia
Prevent swelling of the body
Oncology and healing problems in the morning

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