Why Are People So Insensitive

By | May 31, 2018

Even when human development has advanced in chemistry, even to be courageous enough to climb the planets, it is worth keeping a close eye on the environment that he has created. When compare with the elite society, is it reasonable to think that the modern human society is developed? How modern science has been fulfilled if modern science does not have the imagination of human life? And how much has affected the spirituality of man? These should be provided not only by looking at ourselves, but also by digging into the heart.
Modern science has made a major change in human society. There seems to be a change in the heavenly and the earth’s outward-looking human life and the modern social life. Every man was separated as tribes and lived alone. To the extent that today’s world is man’s, one nation is connected to one another. There are so many things that people have never experienced before, with vehicles, traveling, doors, and employment-friendly amenities. These miracles created from the modern college are the result of a long labor effort of mankind to satisfy human thoughts and desires.
The great difference between the outward aspects of human society and the modern science of science is evident to us. Is there such a difference in the Spiritual Party? It’s only mental thinking that can be considered to be development, not just for mere personal comfort.
The same as in the days of man’s development as men who were developed, it is still today. One is jealous, hating, and hating one another. Another is looking at the other person suspicious. Certain countries in modern science have established records of the murders in the world. What is the difference between the so-called developed environment created by modern science and the underdeveloped environment of the millennial era?
Fighting one against another can be an aptitude in the early days of mankind. This is clear from the human discrimination. The first man was raw meat and nourished like a wild beast. He squashed into the river. By now, the planet has reached the surface of the planet, passing beyond the hunting era, the peasant era, and the industrial era.
But how about other species? The leopard is still alive. Sheep and sheep. There is no difference in the size of the leopard and the lamb, as evidenced by changes in systematization. The leopard tied the lamb and killed the flesh. The sheep live innocently from the mouth. No progress has been made in their peoples. The reason is that their mental environment is limited and not limited to human beings.
Many of the marriages of animals are their own habitat. In all of these things, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, and lunching, the beast holds the brilliant change from the descendants of its ancestors. They do not even need to get tired of thinking about it. Although they made certain changes in time and the local environment, they were not able to go beyond the limited abilities of nature.
But man is not. He is not satisfied with what he possesses. He was not satisfied with the natural environment created by him. Not only to overcome their environment, but also to win their race is man’s insistent desire. The truth is manifested in human history.
Man is a physically and mentally strong person. It can be that same man, if he is brave and fearsome in a variety of climates and ages. Not only that. Every animal moves more rapidly around the earth, flying in the sky, diving in the sea, and confronting heavy cold and hot heat.
He first made things worse then later. Somehow he can get the necessary facilities. It was a custom to face each other in the pursuit of fate and fight each other. After that, I found myself finding more people dead. Now it is now stockpiling – thousands of people – finding hundreds of thousands of their own type of killing.
Today, sometimes the word “peace” is used, but it is so easy to familiar with man. The human nature is the competition and victory. Because of the desire for greater power. Everything in the world is in keeping with a competitive order. But by competing with their race, man has been able to give the arts a way of destroying the weaker by the power.
It is easier and more comfortable to make things more systematic, but it is more important than good or bad. This may be the complexity of the human mind.
The complex mind of the human heart is full of desires. A better-than-perfect human animal is a great idea. It’s not a tired person. The conquest of its external environment was not man-made by man, but by the power of thinking. But by passing through the bitter tricks of nature, even mankind abandoned the inevitable desire that was pressed into the mind. The future scientist believes it will retain the power of control over its evolution. Then he will do wonderful things by enslaving modern science. He will be able to control whatever force of nature. But both

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